The Benefits of Creating Coach Tours for Grey Nomads & Seniors

Domestic senior coach tours have been increasing in popularity over the last couple of years. This increase has been due to the current travel climate, where international travel is near impossible. More and more seniors are taking this opportunity to explore Australia and are opting to do so in groups rather than individually. This means that Kangaroo Bus Lines can provide transport solutions for travel agents, group destination specialists, tour operators and travel advisors.

This demographic is an ideal target market for any travel agency and we would like to be your travel agency’s transport solution.. Seniors have high disposable incomes, make up a large amount of our population and are looking to explore Australia.

High Incomes

In Australia, seniors have been found to have the highest net worth, income increases and household wealth than any other generation. This often means that the over 55s have higher disposable incomes than other generations. 

This demographic are no longer focused on paying off debt and are now spending their money on leisure activities like travelling. With 40% of Australian travellers over 55 planning on spending between 10k-50k per person on travel a year, it makes sense to create a coach tour designed especially for senior travellers. 

Large demographic 

Seniors make up a significant amount of the population in Australia (27.5%) this provides a great opportunity for coach tour companies to target a large demographic of travellers! Many older travellers are interested in trying new things, experiencing Australia, challenging themselves and connecting with people. Creating a coach tour for seniors will allow them to experience a trip that combines their interests like meeting fellow travellers and having new experiences. This means they’ll be more likely to sign up for your senior coach tour!


Over 55s tend to have more free time than anyone else! Whether they’re retired, semi-retired or have more flexibility in their current roles, seniors tend to have flexibility with their time or in their workplace which increases the amount of time they have to travel! Majority of seniors have begun to increase their domestic travel because there’s still a lot to see in Australia and they have more time. This flexibility means senior travellers will often fill your coach tour spots even during the low seasons.

Take advantage of the current travel climate and start creating domestic senior coach tours by partnering with Kangaroo Bus Lines! This untapped market creates a wealth of opportunity for travel companies especially with domestic touring increasing in popularity among this demographic.

If you’re a tour company looking for a reliable transport service. KBL has a long history of providing exceptional touring experiences in our luxury coaches. Let us help you with your touring logistics and provide transport solutions for your tours of 10 pax or more. Contact the team today. 

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