Corporate & Commercial Events with Kangaroo Bus Lines

2021 is proving to be a busy year within the Queensland tourism industry. Even with the current travel climate, there’s no shortage of things to do especially when it comes to sporting events & festivals.

If you’re planning a major sporting event or festival and need transportation, we’ve got you covered. Here at Kangaroo Bus Lines we provide safe, reliable and cost-effective commercial services and are COVID-19 compliant. Our coaches can be fitted and inspected to comply with any site specifications, ensuring that we always provide safe and efficient transport for your spectators, competitors, VIPS and members.

Read on to find out who we’ve partnered with and how we can help with your sporting and festival needs! 

Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships

In April 2021, KBL was awarded the contract for the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships that were held on the Sunshine Coast. Kangaroo Bus Lines was responsible for providing a courtesy shuttle bus that transported 3000- 6000 passengers per day! We were very excited to be able to provide safe and reliable transport that contributed to a successful championship event.

Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships

Ironman 70.3

Another great event that KBL was thrilled to be a part of was the Ironman 70.3, a world class event with a series of long-distance triathlon races! Kangaroo Bus Lines provided efficient and dedicated shuttle bus services transferring competitors and spectators to and from venues as required by the organisers.

Ironman 70.3

Brisbane Roar Football Club

KBL are excited to announce our new partnership with the Brisbane Roar Football Club. Kangaroo Bus Lines has successfully provided Brisbane Roar with a private shuttle bus service, transporting members between Kippa-Ring Train Station and the Moreton Daily Stadium, formerly Dolphin Stadium. We aim to provide our client with an undisrupted, high quality transport option; and are proud to be the providers of a safe and efficient transport option for Brisbane Roar Club members.

Commercial event

Caloundra Music Festival

Kangaroo Bus Lines has previously partnered with the Caloundra Music Festival (a four-day event) to provide spectators with Park & Ride shuttles on a continuous 15 minute return loop service. Over the years, our team has developed a strong partnership with the Caloundra Music Festival team by providing the festival with an eco-friendly, wheelchair (DDA compliant) accessible transportation alternative for those who had attended!

Caloundra Music Festival

Click here to find out more about the exciting projects we’ve been a part of!

If you’re looking for a reliable, comfortable and experienced transport service, look no further than Kangaroo Bus Lines. Our eco-friendly transport options will provide a safe and efficient way to transport your spectators. Free from the stresses of transportation, you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of your commercial event planning.  Contact us today and let us help you organise transportation for your commercial event. If you’re short for time, feel free to fill out our quick online form or shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you at a time that suits.

Commercial Event

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