8 Educational Tours and Safaris That Showcase Australia’s History

From oceans to outback, Queensland offers some exceptional interstate destinations that are more than just a once in a lifetime experience (in our biased opinion). 

In this climate of travel uncertainty and understanding cultural and historical significances (in a local and global context) – now is the perfect time to land your student’s a seat aboard one of our KBL educational tours. 

Offering a deep and rich learning experience, there hasn’t been a more important time to teach our future generations what life is like beyond our local regions, as well as our Australian history.

So, if you’re searching for an educational adventure to broaden your student’s horizons and appreciation for our diverse country; here’s just a few of the adventures on offer at Kangaroo Bus Lines. 


  1. Pack your bags, we’re going on the Carnarvon Gorge Tour!

Location: Heart of Central Queensland. 

History: Witness towering white sandstone cliffs and picturesque overhangs that take your breath away. This tour features ochre stencils; rock engravings and freehand paintings which showcase some of the finest Aboriginal rock imagery in Australia.

  1. Jump aboard a KBL bus and join our team on the Charleville Tour!

Location: Heart of Central Queensland.

History: The Charleville history dates back to 1845, filled with insightful wartime secrets, early rainmaking experiments and transportation initiatives with every turn in this wonderous town.

  1. Grab your khaki attire because we’re going on a Longreach Safari!

Location: Outback Queensland.

History: Known for its rich heritage, visit the beautiful town of Longreach and immerse yourself in true outback traditions. Visit homesteads, the Stockman’s hall of fame, galleries, outback stations and learn about some of Australia’s greatest and bravest explorers, stock workers, pastoralist, and Aborigines.

  1. Get up and go with our Winton Tour team who visit the western towns of beautiful Queensland 

Location: Outback Queensland

History: Learn more about the Dinosaur capital of Australia, the birthplace of an iconic Australian airline, and the place where the legend of a jolly swagman waltzed into Australian history. 

  1. Want to see more and do more? Join our team on our 8-day Outback Explorer Safari

Location: Outback Queensland

History: Our team go above and beyond to ensure your students can experience Outback Australia unlike any other. Enquire with our team about the multiple destinations we can take your tour, to ensure a journey that creates memories which will last a lifetime.  


  1. Pack your swimmers because we’re going on a journey up to the Capricorn & Coral Coast

Location: Capricorn & Coral Coast

History: This beautiful coastline is often described as the tropical rainforest of the ocean. Featuring the Great Barrier Reef and many untouched beaches, students can immerse themselves in local knowledge about marine encounters and plenty intrepid adventures.

  1. Plan a 3-day educational escape on board a KBL tour to the Cooloola Coast!

Location: Cooloola Coast

History: The Cooloola region is beloved for its stunning natural beauty and high environmental values. Enjoy an insightful tour where students can learn more about local community awareness and the need for sustainable conservation practices. The history attached to this tour is second to none accompanied by an incredible community spirit.

8 Educational Tours and Safaris That Showcase Australia’s History Kangaroo Bus Lines

  1. Enjoy the Great Keppel Experience for 5 adventure-packed days with our KBL team

Location: Great Keppel Island

History: This forgotten paradise is rich with history dating back well-before the 1770’s with the arrival of European settlers. Great Keppel island remains as a relatively undeveloped beauty with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and an array of native flora and fauna to enjoy.

So, are you ready to book a tour that will leave a lasting impression on your students? Explore our range of educational tours today or feel free to get in touch if you require a tailored tour experience.

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