The whales are here!

Recently some of our passengers were lucky enough to join us as we created memories of a life time getting up close and personal with majestic humpback whales in Moreton Bay.   

The day started bright and clear as the coach commenced its pickups and headed into town to meet the Tangalooma Whale Watching vessel.  Our guests boarded the state-of-the-art catamaran and enjoyed smooth sailing across the magnificent Moreton Bay to reach Tangalooma Island Resort.    Our morning was spent leisurely making full use of the resort facilities including 40 free activities available for day use guests.  A light lunch was served and we had the chance to view a short presentation at the Tangalooma Marine Education and Conservation Centre. 

After lunch we departed the Tangalooma jetty for our afternoon whale watching cruise.  Not long after cruising past the northern tip of the resort we started to spot the tell tales signs of whale activity just off shore.    Water spouts and waving fins greeted us as we made our way closer to the first pod migrating north to the warmer climate.    We were enthralled by the fascinating commentary provided by the Tangalooma Eco Ranger on board who explained the whale’s behaviours and migratory patterns as we drew close.

A family group came alongside the boat showing off their moves and frolicking in the water just off the stern of the vessel.   The pod put on a great show before moving on their migratory path but it wasn’t long before we were joined by a much larger and more playful pod, this one with many mothers and calves.    The younger whales were practicing their jumping skills whilst the mothers showed their babies how it was done breaching to reveal their white undersides decorated with barnacles.  Some of the females tantalisingly splashed their tails to attract the attention for the some male whales close by.

In total for the afternoon we spotted about 14 pods of mothers with calves, young males and family groups all splashing and cavorting through the waves.  There were also an abundance of water spouts in the distance as these majestic creature swam north in search of warmer climates.  Passengers had plenty of photo opportunities and some incredible images were captured on the day.

As the sun set on another beautiful day our guests disembarked the vessel back in Brisbane to settle in for the coach ride home.  It was one of the most successful and fruitful whale watching trips we have ever done and we hope our future cruises are just as exciting and fulfilling.  Why not join us in Spring as we enjoy one last whale watching cruise of the season as these majestic animals migrate back south.

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