Six Reasons You’ll Love Brisbane for Your Next Corporate Event

Last month we explained in some detail the importance of selecting a great location for your next corporate event and gave the Sunny Coast some love. Now however, it’s Brisbane’s turn. We know Brisbane is a top destination for a wide variety of reasons but you probably didn’t know that it’s also an excellent location to host a corporate event. Today we’re exploring the top six reasons Brisbane is a fantastic option.

  1. Convenience. If your workplace is located near the city (like so many are) then there is no destination more convenient for you or your valued employees. Why not make it easy on them and keep your event local rather than making everyone commute? This is particularly true if your event involves any alcohol consumption.
  2. Diversity.  Brisbane is a city full of great opportunities.  The city offers everything you could want for an event. Whether you’re interested in physical activities or a high-class cocktail party, Brisbane has the venues to support any of your interests.
  3. World Class Facilities. Further to the point of great diversity, Brisbane offers only the best of the best when it comes to facilities. Why else would they have been asked to host the 2014 G20 Summit? When it comes to facilities (and lets be honest, weather, beauty, innovation and so much more) there is no need to look any further than beautiful Brisbane.
  4. Accommodation. If your team doesn’t want to have to drive home after your corporate event, they don’t have to!  Brisbane boasts a wide variety of incredible 4 and 5-star accommodation to suit any of your employees needs.
  5. Transportation. Sure, Brisbane is easily walkable, but after a long day in the office your team might not be interested in walking the city streets. That’s okay because in Brisbane there are many transportation options including bus services, train services and taxis. Additionally, at Kangaroo Bus Line’s we also offer reliable and cost-effective transportation services to simplify your corporate event planning. You can find out more about it here.
  6. Culture.  There’s nothing more inspiring to your team then immersing themselves in Brisbane’s incredible culture and nightlife. If you’re looking to encourage relationship and trust building then get your team members out into Queensland’s own culture-hub, Brisbane. The city has everything you need to enrich your mind, heart and soul including an incredible array of restaurant options, eye-opening museums, enriching galleries and more. Encourage your team to spend some time in the city outside of the corporate event to give them some inspiration and unforgettable memories.

If you’ve got a location for your next event but are struggling to plan it, check out our Corporate Event Guide today!


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