6 Reasons You’ll Love the Sunny Coast for Your Next Event

When you’re planning a corporate event there are a lot of items to consider. Whether you’re focused on a guest list, activities or food there is one essential part of the equation that needs to be determined right away: location! Selecting a great location for your event is where all the fun starts. Once you’ve determined your location the rest of the corporate event details tend to flow directly off that.  But where do you get started when scouting locations for your event? A good recommendation is a great jumping off point.

In our experience the Sunshine Coast is one of the premier destinations for hosting a corporate event. Don’t take our word for it though, here are the top six reasons you’ll love the Sunny Coast for your Next Event.

  1. Variety. The Sunshine Coast landscape is incredibly diverse, whether you’d like to host your event up in the hills of Maleny or at a beachfront location, you have a wealth of choices that will suit any of your needs.
  2. Cost.  It’s no secret that the Sunshine Coast offers incredibly competitive pricing, particularly in comparison to Brisbane-based events. If you’re interested in hosting a fantastic event but not breaking the bank then the Sunshine Coast just might be your ideal location.
  3. Activities. Corporate events vary greatly in their format. Whether you’re interested in active team building activities like rock climbing, golf days or sit down functions with inspirational speakers the Sunshine Coast is equipped to suit your needs.
  4. Accessibility.  If you have a business based in Brisbane you may think the Sunshine Coast is too far to host an event but we have news…it’s a highly accessible location and one of the most popular destinations for Brisbane –dwellers.  If you’re worried about asking your employees to make the drive, we offer reliable and cost-effective transportation services to assist you. Find out more here.  
  5. Opportunities. If you really want to make the most of your corporate event, schedule it on a Friday. On the Sunshine Coast there are a variety of resorts, holiday parks and managed apartments your employees can arrange to stay at if they’d like to extend the corporate event into a weekend getaway.  The bonus? If you have multiple employees planning on staying through the weekend, they’ll likely strengthen their professional relationships with each other, refresh their minds and come back to the office on Monday inspired and ready to impress. 
  6. Incredible beauty. If for no other reason, you should consider the Sunshine Coast for your next corporate event because of its breathtaking beauty. You’ll experience everything from bright sunshine to sandy beaches, rolling hills to expansive esplanades; the Sunshine Coast is a one of a kind location that has boundless opportunities. 

Feeling a bit overwhelmed about trying to organise your corporate event? Not to worry! At Kangaroo Bus Lines we are committed to making your life easier and as such we’ve developed a comprehensive Corporate Event Guide. Download it here to get started! 


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