Commercial Projects


Kangaroo Bus Lines specialises in providing complete supply chain solutions for all major and commercial projects. Our company can safely and efficiently transport your crew, workforce and spectators in comfort and style for any manner of passenger movements. 

Our professional taskforce are inducted and accredited for each specific project requirement and our purpose built coaches can be fitted and inspected to comply with any site specifications.

Commercial Projects Kangaroo Bus Lines
Commercial Projects Kangaroo Bus Lines
Commercial Projects Kangaroo Bus Lines
Commercial Projects Kangaroo Bus Lines
Commercial Projects Kangaroo Bus Lines

Specialty Defence Force Solutions

Our dedicated Defence Force Driving team is subject to a stringent set of regulations including annual background security checks and interviews, a requirement in the process of being authorised and issued with Department of Defence Security Clearance Passes. These Australian Security Passes are issued to Defence Personnel or Authorised Contractors to allow access to Defence owned and leased facilities. This element is key in the success of delivering our unique, streamlined services. 

Our company specialises in providing safe, reliable and cost-effective commercial services
Commercial Projects Kangaroo Bus Lines
  • High Capacity Movements
  • Contracted Relocations
  • Unplanned Service Disruption Services
  • Shutdown Transport Service
  • Accommodation and Airport Transfers
  • On and Offsite Transfers
  • Corporate & Business Group Travel​

A leader in industry, innovation and sustainability

Executive class service
Executive Class Service​

Our young modern fleet feature the latest technology in engineering and safety along with various top of the range attributes such as luxury seating, wifi, usb compatibility and live vehicle tracking.

Tailor-made trasnportation solutions
Tailor-made transportation solutions ​

Whether it’s transporting 20 delegates or 3,500+ spectators, our extensive fleet and diverse transport solutions enables us to transport your people no matter the destination, time restraint, group size or even unique transport requirement.

innovative onsite logistics
Innovative onsite logistics

Our fully equipped mobile logistics vehicles allow our expert operational specialists to take our service delivery to the next level. For large group movements and major events, we bring our operation to you and deliver stress free coordination of your large transportation requirements.

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