Cruising: It’s not all about the ships

Kangaroo Bus Lines have been providing the cruising industry with transportation services for over 8 years.  Quite often we get asked what exactly it is we do when a ship calls to port in either Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast.  With this in mind we thought we’d give you a little insight into the world of cruise shore excursions from our perspective.

If you’ve ever cruised to the South Pacific or somewhere similar then you’d know that when you call at a port there are a variety of tours and experiences available to pre-book.  By booking a shore excursion it saves you the hassle of finding your own way around an unknown destination and guarantees you’ll get the most from your visit.  When a ship calls to port in Brisbane or Mooloolaba there are a variety of touring experiences the ships offer to enhance their passengers cruise. 

That’s where we come in!  Each ships offers exclusive experiences for their guests that feature attractions and tours unique to the regions they visit however they require local transportation to get the passengers from point A to point B.  Each tour is usually hosted by an experienced guide and runs to a specified itinerary so it’s up to us to ensure the group get to their destination safely whilst having the best time possible during their brief visit. Our company offers a personalised service from the initial meet and greet to the final farewells.  Our drivers go the extra mile in making the group feel welcome and provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

In some cases we are also required to provide a shuttle service for passengers into Brisbane CBD.  This usually occurs when a ship calls to port at the Port of Brisbane, Fisherman’s Island which is a fair distance from town and is not accessible by public transport.  In these instances our coaches are used to continuously shuttle passengers between the port and the city for the duration of the day.  On some of the bigger ships we have over 25 buses providing the shuttle services due to the sheer number of passengers exploring our capital city!

To date this year we have welcomed 24 ships to port in Brisbane and Mooloolaba and with steady growth in the cruising industry we expect to exceed this number in 2016.  After all it’s about the journey not just the destination.

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