For the Love of Mrs Brown LIVE

If Mrs Brown's Boys is a phenomenon there is no word to describe the record-breaking popularity of the live version. Brendan O'Carroll's smutty Dublin matriarch barely has to curl a lip or lift an eyebrow and the entire audience goes into giggle meltdowns...

Expect plenty of unreconstructed smut, some icky sentimentality and overripe over-familiar gags. But there are also inventive moments when the fourth wall is demolished. “Mammy, I’m home,” shouts Rory, who makes Graham Norton seem butch, as he enters. “I know. I can hear everyone clapping,” replies Mrs Brown. I’m not sure if Brendan O’Carroll knows what “postmodern” means but he certainly knows how to deliver laughs big enough to fill the largest of halls.

Boarding Point: Kangaroo Bus Lines Departure Lounge, Burpengary

Tour Date(s) 
Saturday 10th February 2018
Tour Inclusions 
Coach Travel
Level 2 Seating

$180 per person